What we need to get you onboard

KTNEX delivery Services

 Choose from a selection of different services based on your needs, whether grabbing a coffee on the way to work or having dinner delivered straight to your doorstep.

Our most popular delivery services are grocery shopping and Food Delivery. However, we also offer Business Logistics, delivering mail or bigger parcels on time.

Our fast and on-time services save energy if you are in a hurry or are too comfortable to get them. We have a wide range of delivery modes:

Food delivery.

We understand that sometimes life gets busy, and dinner doesn’t happen. With KTNEX, you can order fresh food from the best restaurants in your area, and we will deliver it wherever and whenever you want. Our delivery services are reliable, quick and good value: By Foot, on bicycles, motorbikes or small cars. So no matter where you live, work or play, when you need a good meal – we’ve got you covered.

Grocery Delivery.

Not sure how to plan your grocery shopping? Let us do it for you by motorbike, scooter or small car. We’ll deliver fresh groceries straight to your door using our mobile app or website. Whether ordering groceries or home essentials, having them delivered straight to your door means you can spend even less time getting groceries and more time doing what matters most.

Business logistics.

The most popular and fastest way of transporting your parcels is by bicycle, motorbike, scooter or small car. It is a great option for any delivery, especially for larger parcels. Your driver will collect the parcel from your business and drop it directly to its destination with little to no stops in between.

Fast courier services near me:

KTNEX is committed to being the best courier service in town.

We are a rapidly expanding company. We strive to improve daily with a mix of speedy, friendly, and reliable drivers whose passion for serving you is unmatched.

 What we need to get you onboard

  • All businesses are welcome to list their services on our platform for free.
  • We deliver your food and grocery products to your local area for FREE. No cost to the seller.

Here are the areas we focus on:

  • Food delivery: Partnership with restaurants and fast food shops of all sizes.
  • Grocery delivery: We work together with shops and supermarkets.
  • Business logistics: We deliver your business documents, mail, and parcels on time and at competitive prices.

Here is what we need to set up your admin login:

  1. Your business name
  2. Your physical business address (important for GPS functionality)
  3. Proof of business ownership
  4. Your business phone number

Once we receive all these, we will create your admin login.

* Your admin login will allow you to access your unique shop dashboard, where you customize and upload your product images, prices, and logos. We will assist you with the process if needed. There are no computer skills needed.

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